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As you might understand I´m home, and I´m all well. Learning how it is in Sweden, trying to get into "normal mode".
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Hugs and Kisses

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Feria de libros

Today there is a book fair hosted by our school, there is a LOT OF BOOKS! All students of my school had to gather in the morning for the opening ceremony, and then at 10 there was a conference for all students in 4th and 5th grade about future working positions in my town. The point of the conference is that the graduating students get interested in university studies and that they after receiving their degree, come back to the town. I came for lunch, talked to a friend back in Sweden and now I will have to go back to the fair and help out with... something...! Tonight there is a milonga in a city a bit further away but I think it will be a lot of fun, and I´m good friends with the coordinators for this night’s event! Hopefully it will be a lot of fun! 

Yesterday I was doing some promotion work for the fair, so my friend Bianca and I dressed up as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and then we went to schools and to the city center, the children really loves these characters so they want to hug you and give you kisses and take photos. It was a really fun thing to do, the smallest children were so cute, they came running screaming “Minnie, Minnie, Minnie”, they almost knocked me off my feet when they hugged me, it was so much fun to make all those children so happy!
Me as Minnie and Bianca as Mickey 

Me :)

Last night my tango class had a good-bye party for me, we ate pizza, talked and danced, it was so much fun. I can´t thank them enough for all that they have thought me, that they have opened their harts for me; I have some amazing people surrounding me, especially in that group! One of the guys told me to never, ever change who I am, since I am so great, loving and happy. Thank you! 
I can´t believe my exchange year is over in just a few days!!!

Eat this, rest and take these pills

So today I had to go home from school since my stomach felt really wierd. My sister picked me up and we drove home, I got into bed and sleept and try to feel better. But to be sure that I´m not getting worse and that I will be better soon I went to the doctor. She told met to take it easy for 48 h. So no acrobatics and no tango today :( But hopefulle I will get better soon, and that I will be able to go to the milonga on Friday. I now live for Tango these last (I can´t believe it) 22 days that I have before I´ll go to Buenos Aires!! Tango is my life! :)
Hope you are all well!
Hugs and Kisses

Weeks are passing!

I can´t believe how fast time is passing! It is now the 1st of June and the 26th I´m going to be in Buenos Aires. I´m panicing, I want to do sooo much and I want, no I need, more time!! 

Last friday there was a milonga, a really nice one in Cañada, a neighbour city. It started at 12 and I came home at 5:40... My feet were dead the next day, but it ws sooo worth it! :)

The weeks are passing and exchange students are starting to go back home, I still can´t see myself leaving my life here, I will miss everything so much!

Schooldays are passing, eventhough I´m a bit bored there are funny moments when we have small wars and throwing things at each other. Some days are just CRAZY!

Last Saturday I had my Danish friend Anna here for the day, we went to a birthday party for one of my tango friends son.
A picture I took the other day

Me at the milonga in Cañada

Went to a birthday party last Saturday, they had a very cool cake! :)

Me, my host mum and her 2 friends went out to eat the other day

 "My dad is unic! Unic because we always can count on him... and his * Car * Clothes * credit card *mobile phone * his,his his... and also beacuse there only is one." This sign hangs in my house. :) 

Hugs and kisses

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Since I have left you aithout photos for so long, here is a treat for all of you ;)
My host mum, Gladis, to the right and her friend Lili
After the fashion show

Me and Lili

My 10 cm shoes that I walked in for about 5 hours!

Preparing the catwalk

I´m Mimi Mouse!

the done catwalk

Automn and winter

Me opening the fashionshow

Hugs and kisses

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